Points of contact

Reduce Points of Contact

Rather than signing into the office or job site with a pen and paper, visitors can sign in from their own mobile device to reduce points of contact with other employees and within the office.

Instant Notifications

Automatically email any “flagged” responses to designated individuals so you can take appropriate action immediately.


Quickly Learn Who Else Was There

If a potential issue arises, quickly see who may have been present at a location on any given day and time and alert them as needed.

Your Business, Your Data

All submissions are stored securely in the database and can be exported into Excel or other spreadsheet applications.


Fully Customizable

Each form is fully customizable so you can capture just the data you need and edit it at any time.

Available Anywhere

Access the form on your mobile device. It can be easily be integrated into your existing website, portal, or intranet.


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